Onondaga County Real Estate Investors Club



REICNY is a group of people who invest in real estate, from single-family homes to large complexes and all sorts of other properties in an area of Upstate New York ranging roughly from Rochester to Syracuse to Utica.

Some members are very experienced, some are very new at it, and there are many in between. No matter, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more dynamic, positive-thinking and helpful group.

Come for dinner and talk to the people at your table – it’s the best money you’ll ever invest.  Stay for the meeting, which includes an informative presentation given by REICNY member(s) and/or invited guests, or concurrent-session workshops.  Stay (and stay!) for the after-meeting chats about real-life real estate investing in Upstate New York.

Membership Benefits

NATIONAL and LOCAL SPEAKERS – Our monthly meetings feature national and local guest speakers discussing state-of-the-art real estate investment techniques.

LIBRARY – You will have access to a lending and research library of books and tapes written by real estate experts on a variety of timely real estate topics. This one service can more than pay for the cost of a membership to REICNY.

THIS WEBSITE – Your connection to REICNY news, activities, meeting information, and the REICNY email group, accessible from anywhere in the world. An easy way to let others know about what you’re doing!

Who are our members? Full and part time investors, real estate brokers and agents, attorneys, accountants, property managers, beginning investors, renovation specialists, appraisers, bankers, and people like you who want to enjoy the many benefits of real estate investing.

Become a member.  CLICK HERE to see how.

A message to you…

You are unique.  You possess an individual set of talents and personal potential that is like no one else’s on Earth.  You have the ability to control your financial future.  With knowledge and the proper application, success is within your grasp.

Success is a journey, not a destination.  You are responsible for where you are today in life.  Are you really happy?  What else could you be doing with your time to achieve the dreams you dream?

Join us in the commitment to financial independence through Real Estate Investing.  Shoot for the stars.  Be prepared to make it happen for you!